No Edge

by Alexa Polasky

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released September 16, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Alexa Polasky Kent, Ohio

My name is Alexa Polasky.
I am science and I really like dogs and Fox Mulder. I'm in Ohio doing the best I can. I hope you like my music. xx

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Track Name: No Edge
Why are you scared?
There's nothing out there
But stars forever

Climb on my ship
We'll take a trip
There's stars forever

Did you know the universe has no edge?

You're at the core
It's no longer lore
The sky's expanding

Look past the stars
You can't see very far
The sky's expanding

The universe is infinite
There is no edge, there is no edge

It's beyond what we can see
We will never know it, we will never know it
It's beyond what we can see
It's just past the horizon, it's just past the horizon
Track Name: Alive At Night
Wait for me until the sun goes down
And I will meet you in the streets
You will know me from the rhythm of my breathing
And the asphalt hitting my feet

You will know (x4)

I come alive at night baby
When the stars shine high in the sky
I come alive at night baby
Cause I know the night is only mine

Wait for me until the moon shines bright
Follow the stars to my bed
We will lay in each other's arms
No one needs to know where we've been

Wait for me until the stars come out
I'll say hello with a kiss
You will know that I am true
That I'm the one you have missed
Track Name: As We Went Under
The color of the air changes
With every step you take
Walk into the ocean
You shouldn't have to wait

Remember that day you picked me up
You held my hand as we went under

About four years ago
I woke up and wanted to die
Could you ever guess that?
I spend every day being alive

Fight that feeling you have
The sea is gonna pull you down
Get up stand up and walk around
The sea is gonna pull you down

I wrote you a letter
Everyday for a year
I watched you as you burned them
As I finished my beer

The sand sticks to me
Brush it off your back
You still stick to me
I'll brush you off my back
Track Name: A Nervous Wreck
I'll be simple and direct
I think you are heaven sent
To calm me down and fix me up
Cause I'm a nervous wreck

I might act like I am fine
But I am lonely all the time
So take my hand and help me out
And look me in the eye

Let's talk for hours
You'll talk me up and I'll talk you down
This world is ours
You'll wake me up and I'll hold you down

My heart is on my sleeve
So help me to believe
That love is real and still alive
I'm losing all my faith

My world is in your hands
You need to understand
How much you mean and if you leave
You take the whole of me
Track Name: Bright As The Sun
My eyes are as bright as the sun
It's strange I don't even try anymore
This overcast I had finally left
I made sure to hurry and lock the door

Things don't seem to bother me nowadays
I have a tendency to float above the surface
I skim right above the fatal damage
We both know I did it on purpose

I seem to be at this three way stop
And I'm perfectly happy staying where I am
It's simple just lean back close your eyes
I love you now until the end of time

I keep my windows open when I can
All the broken pieces find their way out
Hopefully they'll make it to you
And when they do they'll jam straight in your mouth

Whenever you speak you'll speak of me
And finally your spirit will break
This is when it really hits you hard
And you've had all that you can take
Track Name: The War
I married too young, I was seventeen
He was the most handsome man I've ever seen

But when he left that night
He kissed my cheek and told me it'd be alright
But what I didn't know
Was it's be the last time I'd see him go

Baby you're gonna get killed
Hang up your uniform and put away your gun
Baby you're gonna get killed
This is a war that will never be won

I strapped on my boots and headed south
The only thing guiding me was word of mouth