Anywhere But Here

by Alexa Polasky

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All lyrics/music written by Alexa Polasky

Mike Coates featured on "The Little Things"


released June 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Alexa Polasky Kent, Ohio

My name is Alexa Polasky.
I am science and I really like dogs and Fox Mulder. I'm in Ohio doing the best I can. I hope you like my music. xx

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Track Name: What Can I Do
Oh I fell for you
Oh I fell for you

What can I do
I needed you

Oh my heart's in two
Oh my heart's in two

What can I do
I needed you

We are so far gone
I knew this day would come

Oh I've got nothing to lose
Oh you've got nothing to lose

What can I do
I'm leaving you

We are so far gone
I knew this day would come
Track Name: Tired
I know you have been
Trying to get from point A to point B
I know you have been

I know you have been
Trying to figure what's wrong with me
I know you have been

But you can trust me when I say
Things will get better
(They always do)

I have seen you when
Your eyes are exhausted with smoke round your head
I have seen you when
You're tired

I have seen you when
The look on your face says you'd rather be dead
I have seen you when
You're tired
Track Name: The Little Things (feat. Mike Coates)
I thought I was all alone but you found me
And pulled me from my home

The air is cool on my face
Take me far from this place

You dug deep in the ground
Away from all sight and all sound

I spoke of the time that had passed
You said that I am free at last

And if the night gets dark
So dark that I can't see
Will you hold me in your arms
And tell me all that life could be

And if I hide away again
From all the little things
Will you hold me in your arms
And tell em all that life could bring

Those years they passed in a blur
I though that you told me you had learned

I try to keep you in reach
But you're changing like the waves on a beach

You know I can't help but change
Eventually my life gets rearranged

I wish I could stay where you are
But you can only ask so much before it goes too far
Track Name: New
What happened to you
You got left on your own
You aged overnight
And took to the road

I know I didn't come at the right time
I know that you will come to find

I'm the same as you
It all feels so new
And if you get closer we'll make each other new

Why did you leave
I know that you're in pain
You should be with me
So you don't go insane
Track Name: Upside Down
My life is upside down right now
Bear with me while I figure it out
So many things I've said are true
But now I don't know what to do

When I see you smile
I know we should separate for a while
I just need to be me

I've had this feeling all along
That I was the one who was in the wrong
But now that I'm away from you
I'm singing a different tune
Track Name: How It Goes
I remember the day you lost your mind
I knew it was only a matter of time
I remember the day you fell apart
You told me it was from a broken heart

I knew there'd be a time
When the floors fell out but I was fine

You should have said you're leaving me
Given me some time to find some peace
You should have said it wasn't right
So I could've put up a fight

How it goes
Track Name: Boundaries
I build boundaries I can't see
And I'm working on my empathy
But when I fall asleep
It all falls apart

I know that I can't read your mind
I know I'm running out of time
But some things are so hard to find
Don't you agree

When you sleep
Do you think
About me

There are times I wish we never met
And I think one day I could forget
All the times we used to sit
And talk

The thought of you is stuck in my head
It makes my body feel like lead
I'd rather deal with anything

I'm so tired
Track Name: Home
Well I walked down your driveway
I need to be left alone
You said I could stay here
I just wanna go home


Remember that time last summer
We sat in your car and got stoned
You could see straight through me
I knew then you were my home


Over the years I grew distant
And for that I must atone
But when I try to get closer
You say I've burned down my home
Track Name: Reprogram Naturally
Water fills your boat
You're floundering and sputtering
You wake as the waves pull your down

I saw you sway
You silhouetted on the dance floor
You have never acted more alive

Follow me
I'll lead us to somewhere safe
And you can finally rest
And when we wake
Our brains reprogram naturally
And we can know ourselves

Fight through the crowd
All the sights and all the sounds
Find me where your two paths meet

In your house
The flames are climbing up the walls
But we have no trouble finding sleep

Go outside
And count the stars till the stop spinning
You will want to stay
And as we light
Our cigarettes simultaneously
You will be at home
Track Name: Places I'd Rather Be
I fell into your arms
And when I woke you were by my side
I realize this is wrong
It was just a matter of time

As the months pass by
You start to stray from me
I can't say I'm surprised
There are places I'd rather be

It's building up slow
And I've suddenly lost my place
I'm the last one to know
And now I don't recognize your face
Track Name: Fine
You know I can't sleep at night
I'm afraid to off the light
But when you're close I'm fine

You know I can't stand the day
I can't keep my worries away
But when you're close I'm fine

And I'm trying to live without you
It's harder than I thought
And I'm trying to live without you

It might not be what it seems
You're still in all of my dreams
But you said we're not fine

I know I'm living a lie
But do you think we could give it a try
But you said we're not fine

Maybe it's time for something new
After all we put ourselves through
Track Name: Interim